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  • Finish or give up?
    There are a lot of aspects of an athlete's performance that go into answering this question. Besides an extensive and well-designed training program, the right supply of nutrients also plays a decisive role. A varied and healthy diet with specific nutrients at the right time keeps energy reserves at an optimum level and promotes the body’s recovery process. This, in turn, helps maintain performance.

    Targeted support for athletic performance
    For many years, Dextro Energy has been the expert in providing the optimum energy supply for athletes in competitive sports. Now, with a specially developed Sports Nutrition range for endurance athletes, Dextro Energy is expanding its product

    range. In cooperation with successful athletes and nutritionists, Dextro Energy has developed sports nutrition products made specifically to meet the needs of endurance athletes and help them improve their performance.

    Dextro Energy Sport
    Supports energy supply before, during and after training and/or competitions and promotes optimum recovery.


    Nutrients for Athletes

    Effective use of energy sources

    Anyone who wants to improve their performance in training and competitions with targeted nutrition and the right energy supply should take a closer look at how all nutrients work, since all of them play a key role in optimizing performance.

    Essential nutrients include:
    Carbohydrates, fats, proteins.

    Athletes adapt their nutrient balance
    It is a good idea to adapt nutrient balance according to the different requirements of each individual sport.

    Nutrients for Athletes
  • An ongoing supply of carbohydrates determines performance.

    An ongoing supply of carbohydrates determines performance.

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  •   Carbohydrates


    Fast fuel for the muscles

    Carbohydrates are the most efficient source of energy. The main carbohydrates in our diet are polysaccharides, which are found in foods such as bread, potatoes and rice. To provide energy, they are broken down into monosaccharides. Glucose, already a monosaccharide, enters the blood immediately to provide rapid energy.

    How carbs work


    • Carbohydrates generate energy and increase physical endurance
    • Compensate for lack of energy in performance situations
    • Ensure rapid physical recovery


  • Fats are the long-term fuelfor our muscles.

    Fats are the long-term fuel
    for our muscles.

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    The long-term fuel

    Fats provide a long-term energy supply and are a long-lasting fuel for our muscles. They provide twice as much energy as carbohydrates and proteins, but the time needed for this energy supply to become available is considerably longer.

    How fats work


    • Form long-term energy reserves in the form of fat deposits
    • Carry fat-soluble vitamins
    • Necessary for heat insulation
    • Protect the internal organs


  • When it comes to protein, what counts is not quantity, but quality.

    When it comes to protein, what counts is not quantity, but quality.

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  •   Proteins


    Muscle recovery

    If carbohydrate reserves are used up, the body increasingly uses its own proteins from the muscles to generate energy. This means it is important to restore the body's valuable protein levels after intensive training or a competition.

    How proteins work


    • Basic building blocks of cells
    • Build muscle
    • An important element of the immune system



    Optimum hydration

    Water and minerals: an essential combination

    To maintain physical performance, hydration is a top priority in endurance sports in particular. In sports nutrition, hypotonic and isotonic drinks have proven to be effective in keeping the body optimally supplied with fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. These drinks offer an optimum concentration of nutrients to ensure the nutrients reach the bloodstream quickly.

    Isotonic drinks deliver the fluid to the body quickly, since it already has the same concentration as blood.

    Hypotonic drinks help the body absorb water a bit faster. During intensive athletic performance, they ensure that the fluid is quickly absorbed by the body.

    Optimum hydration
  •   Dextro Energy Sport

    Dextro Energy Sport

    The concept

    Targeted support for athletic performance
    The DEXTRO ENERGY Sport product range is optimally geared to the needs of athletes before, during and after training and competition. Clearly outlined phases help users to select and use the products optimally. Color-coded arrows indicate whether the products are best used before, during or after athletic activity.


    The 4 important components of DEXTRO ENERGY Sport

    DEXTRO ENERGY offers a compact range of sports products which provide fast and targeted support for performance ability in endurance sports. The tailor-made concept is based on the key requirements of athletes.

    The 4 important components of DEXTRO ENERGY Sport
  • The right nutrition is key to delivering total performance.

    The right nutrition is key to delivering total performance.

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  •   Focus on the needs of athletes

    Focus on the needs of athletes

    Developed and tested by experts

    IfSS provides scientific advice
    DEXTRO ENERGY Sport was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Sport and Sport Science (IfSS) at the University of Freiburg, Sports Nutrition Department.
    Prof. Daniel Koenig provided scientific advice.


    We guarantee the purity of our products!

    Dextro Energy can confirm for its Sports Nutrition products to the best of its knowledge and based on information from its suppliers that there is no direct use of any of the substances listed in the current World Anti-doping Code - neither through the sourced raw materials nor through the use of processing aids.

    Dextro Energy does not specifically test its products to determine the remote possibility that trace amounts of such substances may be present as a result of extraneous environmental contamination.

    We guarantee the purity of our products!

    Our recommendations for training and competition

    Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Timeline Triathlon Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition  Timeline Racing bike Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Timeline Running Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Timeline Teamsport
    Immediately after swimming, replenish the spent energy and quickly ensure sufficient supply of liquid on the bike.
    Start early with continuous supply of liquid and in addition, consider an energy boost e.g. before a climb.
    Develop a regular drinking cycle from the very beginning and also practice taking solid nutrition during training.
    Use shorter and longer breaks of the match to replenish liquid and energy.
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