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  • Glucose

    What is glucose?
    Glucose belongs to the carbohydrates, which are the important nutrients for humans in addition to fats and proteins. It is the most important “monosaccharide” (simple sugar)  and is generally known as “grape sugar” or “dextrose” or “glucose” in medical terminology. However, these different names always refer to the same molecule. Glucose is a naturally-occurring sugar, which is found in sweet fruits and honey, for example. Glucose can also be obtained from starches, such as cornstarch, which can be split into their individual components (dextrose/glucose) with the help of enzymes.
    Why does glucose provide instant energy?
    When we ingest glucose, it does not have to be digested. Glucose enters the bloodstream directly, therefore making it one of the “fastest-acting” carbohydrates. It is identical to the blood sugar produced by our bodies and is transported by the blood directly to all organs and cells in the body, including the brain. The brain needs a huge amount of energy, and its preferred source is glucose.
    What is the ideal way to use Dextro Energy?
    Our glucose products, such as Dextro Energy tablets and Dextropur, help bridge drops in blood sugar levels. They are in no way intended to replace a healthy lifestyle and a varied, balanced diet of main meals and snacks. Instead, they have a “bridging function”, and can help close short-term gaps in the body’s energy supply.
    When the body runs short of carbohydrates and there’s a noticeable drop in blood sugar levels, we recommend immediately supplying the body with carbohydrates, e.g. in the form of glucose. However, you should not take a large portion all at once, but rather small amounts at short intervals, ideally half a tablet (Dextro Energy cube tablets) every 15 to 20 minutes. This recommended intake helps raise blood sugar to a normal level, and also prevents blood sugar levels from dropping again.
    Why is glucose so important for humans and their brains?
    The human body needs carbohydrates as a source of energy for the brain functions, for every muscle movement, for supplying the heart, lungs and intestines, and for generating warmth.
    The brain is our most important “control centre”. There are two reasons why glucose is vital to the functioning of the brain:
    • When the brain is supposed to work at an optimal performance level, it needs a steady, even and sufficient supply of glucose.
    • Glucose is the preferred source of energy for the brain and the entire nervous system.
    What amount of glucose equals one carbohydrate unit?
    In general, one carbohydrate unit (“carb unit”) is equal to 10g carbohydrates.
    <br /><br />Cubes:<br />
    <ul class="list-disc">
        <li>1 carb unit is equal to approx. 2 cube tablets</li>
        <li>1 tablet = approx. 0.5 carb units (5.2g carbohydrates)</li>
    <br />Sticks:<br />
    <ul class="list-disc">
        <li>1 carb unit is equal to approx. 3 stick tablets</li>
        <li>1 tablet = approx. 0.3 carb units (3g carbohydrates)</li>
    <br />Minis:<br />
    <ul class="list-disc">
        <li>1 carb unit is equal to approx. 8 mini tablets</li>
        <li>1 tablet = approx. 0.1 carb units (1.3g carbohydrates)</li>
    Are the Dextro Energy and Dextropur products gluten-free?
    The Dextro Energy cubes, sticks, minis and powders are suitable for a gluten-free diet. These products are listed in the catalogue issued by the German Coeliac Society (Deutsche Zöliakie Gesellschaft).
    Are the Dextro Energy products suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet?
    Dextro Energy tablets are made from plant-based ingredients and can be used as part of a vegetarian or vegan diet.
    Why are the cube tablets so carefully packaged?
    Each Dextro Energy cube tablet is individually packaged in transparent foil, in order to optimally protect the products during transportation and sale. In addition, this ensures that after the package is opened and a tablet is taken, the other tablets stay protected until they are used. The red tear strip makes it fast and easy to open each individual tablet.
    How is Dextropur taken, and what is the dosage?
    If an extra boost of energy is needed, 1-2 tablespoons of Dextropur can be mixed into beverages or food and taken up to 3 times daily to help supply the body with energy.
    Is Dextropur also suitable for children?
    In general, Dextropur is suitable as a supplement to a child’s diet. If you have specific questions regarding the dosage, we advise contacting your pediatrician.
    Are there any tasty and interesting recipes for using Dextropur?
    For an energy-boosting breakfast, glucose powder is often used to sweeten hot or cold muesli, cereal and beverages. 
    Can glucose also be used in baking and for making marmalades, jams and jellies?
    Glucose powder can also be used for baking cakes and pastries as well as for making marmalades, jams and jellies.
    When baking, please note that glucose browns more quickly than granulated sugar. When using glucose in baking, we therefore recommend reducing the temperature specified in the recipe by 10-15 degrees and increasing the baking time by a few minutes.
    If ordinary gelling powder (1:1, 2:1, 3:1) is used, the specified amount may be replaced by the same amount of glucose. This results in slight variations in colour and firmness as compared to products containing sugar. In terms of taste, items made ​​with glucose are less sweet, since glucose only has about 70% of the "sweetness" of granulated sugar. However, marmalades, jams and jellies have a more intense fruity taste.
    Where can I get individually wrapped Dextro Energy tablets with personalised printing?
    For special requests concerning personalised designs and customised printing on individually wrapped Dextro Energy tablets, please contact
    What is the best way to store glucose tablets?
    Glucose tablets are best stored in small, handy tins. The tablets do not necessarily have to be stored in any special container.
  • Sports Nutrition

    Why do I need sports nutrition if I’m already eating healthily?
    Sports nutrition is useful if the emphasis is on performance, since greater physical exertion increases the body’s need for energy. In general, sports nutrition can be a sensible supplement to a varied and healthy diet. Anyone engaged in daily performance-oriented training needs effective forms of support that will boost performance. Sports nutrition provides our bodies with the additional nutrients we need in order to:
    • bridge energy gaps in high-performance and competitive situations
    • avoid deficits in our supply of nutrients
    • recover as efficiently as possible following our exertions
    How will DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition products help with my training and my performance at competitions?
    DEXTRO ENERGY Sport is perfectly attuned to the requirements of endurance athletes – particularly as regards:
    • generating energy from carbohydrates.
    • the right combination and content of vitamins and minerals
    • and the supply of fluids
    The products are structured to match the three phases of sporting performance the athlete must pass through – before, during and after training and sports contests. This makes it easy to understand when and how products should be used.
    Why are carbohydrates so important in sports nutrition?
    Carbohydrates are the most efficient and quickest acting source of energy for the human body. However, the capacity of our muscles and liver to store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen remains limited. Many athletes can find it difficult to consume sufficient nutrition to meet their carbohydrate and energy requirements. Therefore, when engaging in strenuous sports for more than one hour, we advise replenishing the carbohydrate reserves during the sporting activity. 
    What is the ideal drink during sports?
    A sports drink should:
    1. balance out the fluids lost through sweating
    2. supply you with energy carbohydrates during prolonged strenuous activity
    3. be hypotonic or isotonic in order to ensure a rapid fluid intake
    4. and, of course, taste good.
    Why are the DEXTRO ENERGY hypotonic Carbo Mineral Drink and Isotonic Sports Drink products preferable to fruit juice drinks?
    Fruit juice drinks and soft drinks are highly concentrated hypertonic drinks that need to be diluted in the intestinal tract before the body can absorb and assimilate them. Consequently, the water needed to dilute the consumed fluids down to an isotonic state is resorbed from the body. This process has to be completed before the diluted fluids can be supplied to the body, resulting in a delayed water absorption.

    Both the hypotonic Carbo Mineral Drink and the Isotonic Sports Drink from DEXTRO ENERGY are ideal sports drinks. Their composition and concentration ensure an effective fluid supply, because the fluids are quickly absorbed by the body.
    When I train or take part in sport competitions on hot days, I lose a lot of sweat. Will the DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink and Isotonic Sports Drink provide me with everything I need?
    When you perspire, your body not only loses water, but also electrolytes (minerals) such as magnesium, sodium and potassium. Magnesium plays a critical role in supporting energy metabolism and muscle function. Carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks like the DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink and Isotonic Sports Drink replenish the minerals you lose as you perspire.
    I always feel extremely thirsty during sports events, so I drink a lot while running. Can I still drink DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink without worrying?
    Since the drink is hypotonic, it is both effective and well-tolerated, meaning you can drink larger quantities without any concern. Depending on the amount of sweat loss and the environmental conditions, we recommend drinking up to 0.75 l per hour. You should not however exceed 0.8 – 1 liter of fluid, because the body is not capable of absorbing a greater amount of fluid; equally, this would also put too much strain on the stomach. Drinking in sips is therefore recommended.

    As an addition, athletes will also find that the DEXTRO ENERGY Isotonic Sports Drink, with its optimal balance of ingredients, is well-tolerated and easy to digest.
    How are the DEXTRO ENERGY sports drinks formulated to ensure optimum energy supply during sports?
    The carbohydrate formula of the Isotonic Sports Drink is based on a mix of primarily short chain carbohydrates. The Sports Drink provides the body with an immediate and efficient supply of carbohydrates. The DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink combines carbohydrates of varying chain lengths. It provides the body with an immediate source of carbohydrates, while also ensuring a sustained supply of carbohydrates. Both drinks deliver the ideal combination of liquid and carbohydrates during endurance sports.
    Why is sports nutrition after training or competition so important for athletes?
    After training, sport or competition, you need to secure the training effect. Within the first 60 minutes, it is essential to replenish the muscles with carbohydrates and proteins. It is important to recharge your energy reserves with carbohydrates, counteract any muscular atrophy effects, and compensate for the loss of fluids and minerals.

    The DEXTRO ENERGY After Sports Drink is a carbohydrate-protein drink that provides the body with an additional supply of magnesium and 10 important vitamins, thus facilitating the regeneration process with its precisely composed formula.
    What are the special features of the protein products in the Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition range?
    If carbohydrate reserves are depleted, the body starts using its own proteins from the muscles in order to generate energy. Therefore, it is essential to provide the body with valuable protein after intensive training or a competition. The Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition range offers a Protein Drink and Protein Crisp bar ideally formulated for this purpose.

    The Protein Crisp bar is an excellent choice for after sports or as a small snack. With a protein content of 30%, it supports muscle function and helps build muscle.

    The Protein Drink features a high protein content – 80% – and is especially suitable for use after physical activity and exertion. The specially formulated mix of various protein sources supports muscle function and helps build muscle. The drink can be dissolved in either water or milk and is very easy to digest.
    Which products in the DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition range would I be best advised to use in order to boost my performance at competitive events?
    The DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition range is specially designed to suit the three phases of sporting activity, and it therefore provides the athlete with precisely what he or she needs before, during and after sports. The products are labeled to make it easy for athletes to work out which products to use and when, both during training and during competitions. DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition products go well together when combined, since their respective effects are designed to complement each other well. And of course, the athlete’s personal preferences are also important when choosing.
    Are there any tips as to when I should use DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition products, and in what quantities, in order to achieve the best results?
    Before sports: replenish energy reserves, stock up on liquids, add minerals. For example, 20 minutes before starting training or competition, drink 150-300 ml of DEXTRO ENERGY Carbo Mineral Drink or Isotonic Sports Drink. And if you want to settle your stomach a bit or top up your energy reserves, you can also eat a Sport Snack shortly before the start. This will ensure that your carbohydrate reserves remain well stocked for longer.

    During training or during the event, you should keep your fluid and minerals at a healthy level in order to safeguard your energy supply and performance capacity. The recommended maximum intake of carbohydrates in one hour is approximately 60-80 g. The Carbo Mineral Drink, Isotonic Sports Drink, Liquid Gel, Dextrose Tablets or Sport Snacks are all extremely well suited to this.

    To ensure optimal regeneration and support the training effect, it is crucial – within the first 60 minutes after training or competition – to recharge the energy reserves with carbohydrates, compensate for the loss of fluids and minerals, and repair any muscle damage by supplying the body with protein. The perfect solution: the After Sports Drink from DEXTRO ENERGY.
    What are the advantages of DEXTRO ENERGY Liquid Gel?
    The Liquid Gel is a concentrated, fast-acting carbohydrate gel. The special thing about it is its fluid consistency, which makes Liquid Gel extremely easy to drink – a major advantage, particularly when engaged in extremely strenuous activity. And the handy screw top makes it easy to use during sports activity. To help the carbohydrates generate energy even faster, we recommend drinking plenty of water.
    DEXTRO ENERGY Dextrose Tablets are also available in Sports Formula. What exactly does this mean?
    The action of Dextrose Tablets is closely attuned to the particular requirements of the athlete. Glucose (dextrose) provides a direct supply of carbohydrates and can thus help boost performance ability.
    Moreover, the Dextrose Tablets are enriched with vitamins B1 and B6, as well as magnesium, which help the body maintain a continuous basic supply. While vitamins B1, B6, and C support energy metabolism, magnesium faciliates efficient and proper muscle function. The shape of Dextrose Tablets is well known, and just the thing for athletes, making it easy to take them out of the pack individually.
    What’s the best way of preparing myself so that I get the most out of DEXTRO ENERGY Sports Nutrition products during an actual competitive event?
    We recommend trying out the products during training sessions. It’s important to train yourself to use these foodstuffs and drinks while engaged in strenuous sporting exertions, and to find your own drinking rhythm. This makes it easier to absorb carbohydrates and fluids, and helps provide confidence and routine during the competition. 
    Are the DEXTRO ENERGY products free from doping substances?
    Yes! Dextro Energy can confirm for its Sports Nutrition products to the best of its knowledge and based on information from its suppliers that there is no direct use of any of the substances listed in the current World Anti-doping Code - neither through the sourced raw materials nor through the use of processing aids.

    Dextro Energy does not specifically test its products to determine the remote possibility that trace amounts of such substances may be present as a result of extraneous environmental contamination.
    Are there any particularly useful tips for training and competition?
    Sometimes, simple things can make all the difference when it comes to making training and competition easier. Here are a few tips:
    1. For endurance athletes, training is often extremely time-intensive; every endurance athlete should make sure to eat a varied, healthy diet.
    2. However, a varied, healthy diet is crucial, since it is the foundation for sustainable, successful performance.
    3. Do not start with a full or completely empty stomach – this also applies to a simple training run after work.
    4. During athletic training sessions and competitions lasting more than one hour, athletes should replenish their carbohydrate supply and keep hydrated with fluids: Small sips and snacks at regular intervals are especially effective in this regard. Moreover, if you sweat a lot, be sure your body has an adequate supply of minerals, particularly sodium. Always remember to drink. That's why the handy Carbo Mineral Drink sachets are particularly useful and convenient: they are easy to take anywhere.
    5. It doesn't end after training or competition. Now is the time to utilise the training effect and promote muscle growth with the right sports nutrition.
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